How to create a puppet wallet

Creating puppets is quite simple: all you need to do is to click two buttons, assuming that you have already fullfilled the prerequisites.


Press “create”. A Metamask window will open (if it doesn’t, click on Metamask icon in your browser).

metamask prompt

Here you see how much Ether will your transaction cost. A 0.001 ETH puppet creation fee (not required for other operations) goes to developers, the rest goes to the network (gas fee).

You can change your gas fee by clicking “EDIT”. Gas limit is fixed for this kind of operation, but gas price is something you can change. Metamask sets it to an estimated optimal value. The more gas price you set, the faster your transaction will be processed. So, if you want to save a little money, you can set it to a lower number and wait longer.

After the puppet has been created, you will see a notification, both in Master of Puppets and Metamask. The one in our app will contain the newly-created contract address which you will need later. It will also be saved in auto-completion address input fields.

Write the puppet address down. It will be saved in your transaction history, as well as in input field auto-completion, but these things are stored in your browser. If you switch to another browser, or clear browser data, all tx history will be cleared as well. Despite all that, there is a way to recover a lost puppet address using Etherscan.