How to buy a puppet wallet

Buying a puppet is nearly as simple as creating one. Open the “Buy” tab in Master of Puppets, insert address of the puppet you want to buy. The price should be insert automatically. If you send a larger amount of Ether, the exceess will just stay on the puppet’s balance after it gets sold to you.

Click buy, accept the transaction and wait.

If you have been given a buy link for a puppet, it will fill in the details (puppet address and its price) automatically. Everything else is the same as if you were only given a puppet address.

Possible errors

Is this really a puppet address?

If Master of Puppets shows a “Is this really a puppet address? Seems not like it” error, then you are probably given a wrong address. Our app fetches the contract code from the Ethereum network, and if it doesn’t match, that isn’t a puppet deployed from our app.

Reasoning behind this: someone could just create a malicious contract that appears to be a fully functioning puppet, except for that after you buy it, you don’t become its owner. THe creator would sell it multiple times, thus getting a large amount of Ether without actually giving away anything.

Transaction failed

This may happen due to various reasons. The first of them is that when your transaction has been executed, the puppet was already not on sale. It has either been bought by someone else, or withdrawn from sale by its owner.

Don’t worry, you don’t lose your Ether if it happens — only a small fraction will be burnt by the network as gas.