Eliminating the need for trust

Securely sellable Ethereum wallets in a trustless smart-contract system

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Until now, you weren't able to create externally controlled wallets and sell them. Selling Ethereum wallets always meant sharing the unchangeable private key. This way, you had to believe in good intentions of the former wallet owner. Now you don't.

Master of puppets allows you to create puppet smart-contract wallets, controlled from your main master wallet. You can send Ether, ERC20 tokens, interact with smart-contracts — almost everything usual wallets provide you with. But there's one difference: you can set a price for your puppet. And the one who sends enough Ether to it becomes the new owner, while the pay gets forwarded to you.


Just like usual wallets

Puppet wallets are capable of almost everything usual wallets are capable of. With our handy web-interface, you won't feel the difference.

Tokens accepted

You can send ERC20 tokens using puppet wallets. And if your tokens are locked, you can sell the wallet itself, changing ownership of these tokens.

Access to all Ethereum infrastructure

You can interact with other smart-contracts, there's little difference between a usual wallet and a puppet wallet. Believe it or not, but you can even play CryptoKitties, if you know the tricks!

As cheap as a cup of coffee

We take 0.001ETH for wallet creation, the rest goes to the network. You don't pay us for any further wallet interaction, but just as any Ethereum transaction, you have to pay the network fee.

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